Boys took

Boys took This pound gave me Nile she claimed.

Boys took it to me: You gave to Lise pound?

Having hastily assessed a situation, I easy answered: Chickpea, gave.

I knew that if I gave out it, she already would never believe in me.

Its symbolical theft of love under the guise of theft of money would receive one more blow.

I had to confirm that I up to the end on its party.

I am sure that if her family was honest and free, such situation would never arise.

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Just as the hand

Just as the hand And the feeling is not something nearby, not something the accompanying desire, no, the feeling is the power of desire.

Just as the hand feels warm, hot, burning, and I feel as internal feeling only that, as for me, causes desire da or desire there is no this or that force.

The mysterious integrity of soul also consists in it: the belief and hope generate desire, and feeling feeling of its force.

There is no desire separately, separately feeling.

Feeling the characteristic of desire.

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After all nobody

After all nobody After all nobody asks the child of permission to give it the medicine appointed by the doctor when it is sick.

Application of the power the necessary power in relation to the child does not contradict idea in any way that the child should provide so much responsibility, how many he is capable to accept at the age.

To define a measure of responsibility which is admissible to provide to the child, parents should glance first of all to themselves in soul, to deal with the motives.

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Once during

Once during If they pass by Mrs.

Brown, without breaking from the head of caps, from this does not follow at all that everywhere will start stirring about Mrs.

Braun that she drinks brandy alone.

Once during my lecture there was an elderly person and complained of manners of present children.

Here, for example, last Saturday he told heatedly I walked in park.

By there passed two small children, and one of them greeted me: Hello, uncle!

I asked it: That bad in Hello, the uncle!

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The favourite

The favourite It gives the chance to define what exactly complicates the child and to fulfill with him this movement.

Performance of articulation exercises very hard work for the child.

To prevent fatigue of children, it is necessary to use various game receptions.

Children like to play a role of the tutor or logopedist.

The favourite toy of the child is suitable for a role of schoolgirl.

It can be a doll or the toy monkey.

As the teacher children carry out articulation exercises, say sounds and syllables, repeat words and chistogovorka.

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